Shopify 报告将根据显示的信息类型分为多个类别。根据您的商店的 Shopify 订阅套餐,您可以访问不同类型的报告:

分析和报告(有关详细信息,请点击链接)Shopify LiteBasic Shopify  Shopify  Advanced ShopifyShopify Plus分析页面✓✓✓✓✓财务报告(包括税费和付款)✓✓✓✓✓产品分析✓✓✓✓✓实时视图-✓✓✓✓客流量报告-✓✓✓✓库存报告-✓ (5 / 7)✓✓✓行为报告-✓ (5 / 6)✓✓✓营销报告-✓ (1 / 5)✓✓✓“订单”报告–✓✓✓销售报告–✓✓✓零售销售额报告–✓✓✓利润报告–✓✓✓客户报告–✓ (5 / 7)✓✓自定义报告—✓✓

如果升级到不同的套餐,那么您的其他报告将提供您开始使用 Shopify 以来的相关数据。

例如,假设您最初在 1 月开始使用 Basic Shopify 套餐,然后在 4 月升级到了 Shopify 套餐。升级后,您可以访问销售和客户报告,以及所有行为和营销报告和所有追溯到 1 月的相关数据。

有关套餐级别和定价的详细信息,请转至 Shopify 套餐页面。

备注:报告最多显示 1,000 行。此限制可确保快速加载报告。对于显示总额的报告,总额针对的是所有行(即使只加载了 1,000 行)。如果您需要访问大型报告的所有行,则可以如导出报告中所述导出报告。



Shopify reports are divided into categories based on the type of information that they show. You can access different types of reports depending on your store's Shopify subscription plan:

Analytics and reports(for details, click the links)Shopify LiteBasic Shopify  Shopify  Advanced ShopifyShopify PlusAnalytics page✓✓✓✓✓Finances reports(including taxes and payments)✓✓✓✓✓Product analytics✓✓✓✓✓Live View-✓✓✓✓Acquisition reports-✓✓✓✓Inventory reports-✓ (5 of 7)✓✓✓Behavior reports-✓ (5 of 6)✓✓✓Marketing reports-✓ (1 of 5)✓✓✓Order reports–✓✓✓Sales reports–✓✓✓Retail sales reports–✓✓✓Profit reports–✓✓✓Customers reports–✓ (5 of 7)✓✓Custom reports—✓✓

If you upgrade to a different plan, then your additional reports will provide data from the time you started using Shopify.

For example, let’s say you start out with the Basic Shopify plan in January, and then upgrade to the Shopify plan in April. After upgrading, you can access the sales and customer reports, as well as all the behavior and marketing reports, and all the relevant data going back to January.

For information on plan levels and pricing, go to the Shopify plans page.


Reports display a maximum of 1,000 rows. The limit ensures that the report loads quickly. For reports that show total amounts, the totals are for all the rows, even if only 1,000 rows are loaded. If you need to access all the rows of a large report, then you can export the report as described in Exporting reports.


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