Shopify 的 Google 渠道商店要求介绍


Shopify 的 Google 渠道会与 Google Merchant Center 自动同步您的产品以及 Shopify 商店的相关信息。然后,您可以直接从 Shopify 后台更新您的 Google 产品清单。对于有资格在美国销售产品的商店,使用 Shopify 的 Google 渠道同步到 Google Merchant Center 的产品可以免费显示在相关的 Google 购物标签搜索列表中。

如果您想从 Shopify 内创建 Google 智能购物广告系列,则还需要连接您的 Google Ads 账号。从 Google Ads 帮助内容中详细了解 Google 智能购物广告系列。如果您的营销宣传活动需要的自定义水平超出 Google 渠道提供的自定义水平,请改为使用 Google Ads 在 Google 上创建您的宣传活动。

详细了解 Google 渠道要求。如果您已使用 Google Merchant Center 管理产品信息流或创建 Google Ads,您可能需要查看同步现有 Google Merchant Center 账号前的一些注意事项。

备注:仅某些国家/地区和货币支持使用 Google 渠道。

Google 渠道要求

若要使用 Shopify 的 Google 渠道,您的 Shopify 商店需要满足一些要求。


若要使用 Google 渠道,您需要确保您的在线商店符合 Google Merchant Center 的要求:

您需要拥有 Shopify 在线商店,并且该商店不能受密码保护。

您需要在 Shopify 后台中添加有效的支付服务提供商。

您需要向在线商店添加退款政策和服务条款。详细了解如何将商店政策添加到 Shopify。这些政策必须在页脚导航菜单中提供。如果您尚未将商店政策添加到页脚网站菜单,请点击设置清单中的将退款政策和服务条款添加到页脚导航菜单中。

您需要将您的联系信息添加到您在线商店中的页面,并且这些信息需要对客户可见。您需要至少包含 2 种联系方式,例如邮箱、电话号码和邮寄地址。Google 不会将联系表算作联系方式。详细了解添加联系信息的相关信息。

您需要向受支持的国家/地区发货,并且您需要以与该国家/地区一致的货币进行销售。Google 渠道不支持 Google beta 国家/地区。

根据您要发货产品的国家/地区,您可能还需要设置运费以满足 Google Merchant Center 的要求。

在设置过程中,您可以查看需要完成的任务清单,以便您的商店满足 Google Merchant Center 的要求。您可以点击要求旁边的链接来转到 Shopify 中的页面,可以在其中完成相关任务。


对于在面向客户的网站上展示自己的联系信息,Google Merchant Center 有严格的准则。如果您已在网站上设置了联系页面,请确保至少向客户展示了以下公司信息中的两点:




Google 不会将联系表算作联系方式。




Shopify's Google channel automatically syncs your products and relevant information about your Shopify store with the Google Merchant Center. You can then update your Google product listings directly from your Shopify admin. For eligible stores selling in the United States, products synced to Google Merchant Center using Shopify's Google channel can appear in relevant Google Shopping tab search listings for free.

If you want to create Google Smart Shopping campaigns from within Shopify, then you need to connect your Google Ads account as well. Learn more about Google Smart Shopping campaigns from Google Ads help. If your marketing campaigns require more customization than what the Google channel offers, then use Google Ads to create your campaigns on Google instead.

Learn more about the Google channel requirements. If you already use Google Merchant Center to manage a product feed or create Google Ads, then you might want to review some considerations before syncing an existing Google Merchant Center account.


The Google channel is available only for certain countries and currencies.

Google channel requirements

To use Shopify's Google channel, your Shopify store needs to meet a few requirements.

Store requirements

To use the Google channel, you need to make sure that your online store meets the Google Merchant Center requirements:

You need a Shopify online store, and your store can't be password-protected.

You need to add a valid payment provider in your Shopify admin.

You need to add a Refund Policy and Terms of Service to your online store. Learn more about adding your store policies to Shopify. These policies must be available in your footer navigation menu. If you haven't added your store policies to the footer navigation menu, then click Add the refund policy and terms of service to your footer navigation menu in the setup checklist.

You need to add your contact information to a page in your online store, and the information needs to be visible to customers. You need to include at least 2 contact methods such as email address, phone number, and mailing address. Contact forms aren't counted as a contact method by Google. Learn more about adding your contact information.

You need to ship to one of the supported countries, and you need to sell in a currency that matches the country. The Google channel doesn't support Google beta countries.

Depending on the country where you ship your products, you might also need to set up your shipping rates to meet Google Merchant Center requirements.

During setup, you can view a checklist of tasks that you need to complete so that your store meets the Google Merchant Center requirements. You can click the link beside a requirement to go to the page in Shopify where you can complete the associated tasks.

Adding your contact information

The Google Merchant Center has strict guidelines for displaying your contact information on your customer-facing website. If you already have a contact page set up on your site, then make sure that at least two of the following pieces of information about your business are visible to your customers:

mailing address

phone number

email address

Contact forms aren't counted as a contact method by Google.

If you don't have this information readily available on your store and you are unsure of where to display this information, then see Pages to find out how to add an About us page to you store.


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