从 2022 年 1 月 31 日起,Shopify POS 不再支持刷卡器(闪点)。如果您目前正在使用此读卡器并且想了解后续操作步骤,您可以阅读读卡器弃用来了解详细信息。

刷卡器(闪电接口)采用稳健的设计,可以可靠地进行多次刷卡。只有加拿大境内才可使用刷卡器(闪电接口)。如果您想通过 Shopify POS 使用读卡器且不在加拿大境内,则需要使用支持的外部读卡器接收付款。

备注:若要使用 Shopify 支持的加密刷卡器,需启用 Shopify Payments 或支持 POS 的支付服务提供商。


闪点刷卡器是一款轻便且功能强大的读卡器,在加拿大有售。它直接插入您的 iPad 或 iPhone,无需线缆,因此是经常外出的商家的理想选择。其设计比音频插孔刷卡器更加坚固,从而使得此读卡器成为定期收取信用卡付款的商家的不错选择。


您的 POS 设备需要 Internet 连接才能使用闪点刷卡器。无论您在哪里进行销售,请确保您的设备可以在交易期间使用 Wi-Fi 或设备的蜂窝数据连接到 Internet。


刷卡器(闪点)仅可在加拿大通过 Shopify Payments 处理付款。

Shopify POS 应用适用于以下设备:

设备描述iPhone运行 iOS 12 或更高版本的 iPhone 5s 或更新的设备iPad Air运行 iOS 12 或更高版本的第 2 代或更新的设备iPad运行 iOS 12 或更高版本的第 5 代或更新的设备iPad mini运行 iOS 12 或更高版本的第 2 代或更新的设备iPad Pro运行 iOS 12 或更高版本的所有 iPad Pro 机型

备注:Shopify POS 应用不支持 iOS 测试版。


Swipe (Lightning) card reader


As of January 31, 2022, the Swipe (Lightning) card reader is no longer supported by Shopify POS. If you are currently using this card reader and want to review your next steps, then you can find out more about the card reader deprecation.

The Swipe (Lightning) card reader's robust design makes it reliable for large volumes of card swipes. The Swipe (Lightning) card reader is available only if you are in Canada. If you want to use a card reader with Shopify POS and are not in Canada, then you need to accept payments with a supported external card reader.


To use any of the encrypted Swipe card readers supported by Shopify, you need to have Shopify Payments or a POS-supported payment provider enabled.

Who is this card reader for?

The Swipe (Lightning) card reader is a lightweight but robust card reader available in Canada. It plugs straight into your iPad or iPhone and has no wires, so it's ideal for merchants who are often mobile. Its design is more sturdy than the Swipe (audio-jack) card reader, which makes this card reader a good choice for merchants who regularly take credit card payments.


Your POS device needs an internet connection to use the Swipe (Lightning) card reader. Wherever you're selling, make sure that your device can connect to the internet during transactions using either Wi-Fi or your device's cellular data.

Compatible devices and payment providers

The Swipe (Lightning) card reader processes payments through Shopify Payments in Canada only.

The Shopify POS app works with the following devices:

DeviceDescriptioniPhoneiPhone 5s or better running iOS 12 or higheriPad AirGeneration 2 or better running iOS 12 or higheriPadGeneration 5 or better running iOS 12 or higheriPad miniGeneration 2 or higher running iOS 12 or higheriPad ProAll iPad Pro models running iOS 12 or higher


The Shopify POS app does not support iOS beta versions.


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