感应式和芯片式读卡器是符合 PCI PTS 标准的设备。为了维持这些标准,读卡器和 POS 应用均会在加拿大的商店中整天执行安全检查。这些安全检查无法绕过,并且可能会在交易期间发生。


必须为 POS 应用启用地点权限才能成功执行安全检查。

为了防止修改,如果读卡器遭到了篡改或从高处摔落并受到强烈撞击,读卡器将进入被篡改状态。读卡器左右两侧的红色 LED 灯会发光,以此说明被篡改状态。在读卡器进入被篡改状态后,它将无法使用,需要更换。


若要打开感应式和芯片式读卡器,请按下并释放其电源按钮。状态灯亮起。如果您已将读卡器与您的 POS 设备进行了配对和连接,此读卡器会自动重新连接到您的设备。

在处于非活动状态 8 小时后,感应式和芯片式读卡器会进入睡眠模式。您需要再次按下并松开电源按钮以唤醒读卡器。如果您按住电源按钮 4 秒钟或更长时间,则读卡器会重置其已有的任何蓝牙配对,并需要再次配对。


您可以使用随附的 USB 线缆来为感应式和芯片式读卡器充电。若要为读卡器充电,请将 USB 接口较小的一端插入读卡器或读卡器的底座,然后将较大的一端插入手机充电器或计算机。

感应式和芯片式读卡器需要 1-2 小时即可充满电。在读卡器充满电后,其电池可持续支持一周的销售。

按下电源按钮,使用 4 个状态指示灯显示读卡器的电量:

● ● ● ●满电量● ● ● ○75% 的电量● ● ○ ○50% 的电量● ○ ○ ○25% 的电量● ○ ○ ○(红色)低电量● ❂ ○ ○(闪烁)征收中


Security features

The Tap & Chip Reader is a PCI PTS compliant device. In order to maintain these standards, the card reader and POS app both perform security checks throughout the day in stores based in Canada. These security checks can't be bypassed, and might occur during transactions.


Location permissions must be enabled for the POS app to successfully perform security checks.

As protection against modification, the reader will enter a tampered state if it's tampered with or dropped with a severe impact. The tampered state is indicated by red LEDs illuminated on both the left and right of the machine. After the reader has entered the tampered state, it will become unusable and will need to be replaced.

Power the Tap & Chip Reader on and off

To turn on the Tap & Chip Reader, press and release its power button. The status lights turn on. If you've already paired and connected the reader with your POS device, then the reader automatically reconnects to the device.

After 8 hours of inactivity, the Tap & Chip Reader goes to sleep. You need to press and release the power button to wake the card reader again. If you press and hold the power button for 4 seconds or more, then the reader resets any Bluetooth pairing it had, and needs to be paired again.

Charge the Tap & Chip Reader

You can charge the Tap & Chip Reader by using the USB cable that's supplied with it. To charge the reader, plug the small end of the USB connector into the card reader or its base, and then plug the large end into a phone charger or computer.

The Tap & Chip Reader takes 1-2 hours to charge fully. After the reader's fully charged, its battery should last for a week of selling.

Press the power button to display the reader's battery level on the four status lights:

● ● ● ●Full charge● ● ● ○75% charge● ● ○ ○50% charge● ○ ○ ○25% charge● ○ ○ ○ (red)Low battery● ❂ ○ ○ (flashing)Charging


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