shopify Facebook 渠道员工、账户和身份信息介绍

向 Facebook 渠道添加员工

如果员工在 Shopify 后台中设置了渠道,则 Facebook 渠道会向所有其他员工显示,但该渠道不会显示为已连接。

如果员工需要使用 Facebook 渠道,则员工需要使用自己的 Facebook 账户在 Shopify 后台中连接到 Facebook。员工的 Facebook 账户必须具有与 Shopify 商店关联的 Business Manager 和 Facebook 公共主页的管理员权限,才能成功连接到 Facebook 渠道。

授权 Facebook 渠道使用您的 Facebook 账户

设置 Facebook 渠道时,即表示您授权 Shopify 访问您商店的 Facebook 公共主页面以及 Facebook 广告账户和 Business Manager。Facebook 公共主页面会连接您的个人 Facebook 账户,但 Shopify 仅使用您的个人 Facebook 账户信息来访问 Facebook 公共主页面、广告管理工具账户和 Facebook Business Manager。

注:如果您的 Facebook 账户在 Facebook 公共主页面上具有管理员或编辑用户身份,那么您可以以公共主页用户身份发布内容、进行评论和发送消息,且不会让客户看到个人信息。详细了解 Facebook 公共主页面用户身份。

了解 Facebook 上的用户身份和权限

在 Facebook 上,您需要具有页面和 Business Manager 的管理员角色,然后才能访问所有 Facebook 设置并执行某些更改。页面和 Business Managers 拥有单独的账户权限;这意味着,您需要给每个账户设置管理员角色。在加入 Facebook 渠道期间,您选择的 Business Manager 必须是 Facebook 页面的所有者。如果 Facebook 页面由其他 Business Manager 拥有,则 Facebook 页面不会作为连接选项列出。如果您无法连接所需的 Facebook 页面,请检查您连接的 Facebook Business Manager 是否拥有该 Facebook 页面,或尝试连接其他 Business Manager。

您可以在 Facebook 帮助中心找到 Facebook 用户身份和权限概述以及指向更多资源的链接。

Facebook 帮助中心提供的其他帮助

如果您需要对 Facebook 账户设置进行问题排查的相关帮助,请参阅 Facebook 帮助中心的以下文章:

要了解有关管理 Facebook 公共主页用户身份的详细信息,请参阅如何管理我的 Facebook 公共主页用户身份?

若要详细了解有关更改 Facebook 广告账户权限的信息,请参阅添加账户和权限。

要了解有关设置 Facebook Business Manager 的详细信息,请参阅创建 Business Manager。

要了解有关向 Facebook 广告账户添加付款方式的详细信息,请参阅在 Business Manager 中添加付款方式。



Adding staff to the Facebook channel

If staff set up the channel in their Shopify admin, then the Facebook channel is displayed to all other staff but it won't appear as connected.

If staff need to use the Facebook channel, then they need to connect to the Facebook channel in their Shopify admin, using their own Facebook account. The staff's Facebook account must have admin permission on the Business Manager and Facebook page associated with the Shopify store to be able to successfully connect to the Facebook channel.

Authorizing the Facebook channel for your Facebook account

When you set up the Facebook channel, you give Shopify permission to access a Facebook Page for your business, as well as a Facebook ad account and Business Manager. The Facebook Page connects to your personal Facebook account, but Shopify uses your personal Facebook account information only to access the Facebook Page, Ads Manager account, and Facebook Business Manager.


If your Facebook account has an administrator or editor role on a Facebook page, then you can post, comment, and message as the page without customers seeing personal information. Learn more about Facebook Page roles.

Understanding roles and permissions on Facebook

On Facebook, you need an admin role for a Page and Business Manager before you can access all of Facebook's settings and make certain changes. Pages and Business Managers have separate account permissions, which means that you need admin roles for each one. The Business Manager that you select in the Facebook channel must be the owner of the Facebook page during onboarding. If the Facebook Page is owned by a different Business Manager, then the Facebook Page isn't listed as an option to connect. If you can't connect a desired Facebook Page, then check that the Facebook Business Manager you are connecting owns the Facebook page, or try connecting a different Business Manager.

You can find an overview of Facebook roles and permissions and links to more resources on the Facebook Help Center.

Additional help from the Facebook Help Center

If you need help with troubleshooting your Facebook account setup, then see the following articles from the Facebook Help Center:

To learn more about managing Facebook Page roles, refer to How do I manage roles for my Facebook Page?

To learn more about changing permissions on your Facebook advertising account, refer to Add Accounts and Permissions.

To learn more about setting up a Facebook Business Manager, refer to Create a Business Manager.

To learn more about adding a payment method to a Facebook ad account, refer to Add a payment method in Business Manager.

To learn more about adding or changing spending limits for your ad account, refer to Create an account spending limit.


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